Media Release - 23/04/2013 “Scott carries motivated mindset towards Queensland”

Team Insure My Ride Racing’s Glenn Scott has formed a positive mindset toward the crucial area of health and fitness working alongside Stephen Mion of Fitmoto in the lead up to the next round of the Australian Superbike Championship in just under two months at Queensland Raceway.

The experience for Glenn will carry a range of benefits moving forward in the season, and with the numerous elements that formed part of the program, there will be a wealth of opportunities for the young star as his career progresses.

“The health and fitness expo was unreal, the fitness world is huge and it was unreal to be part of it for a day, I managed to collect all the gym equipment and supplements I need for my new program and had the pleasure to hear motivational speaker Matt church talk, he was overwhelmingly powerful for not only my life but my career,” said Scott.

Since establishing a new partnership with Stephen Mion at Fitmoto, it was greatly advanced Glenn’s focus on fitness and well-being, thus helping to improve as an overall athlete.

“Steve has been an amazing help in the short time I have known him. I only met him a couple of months ago and invited him to round one in Tasmania, he was an absolute pleasure to work with and was a huge help for my mental and physical condition over the race weekend,” Scott added.

Stephen Mion agrees that the chance for Glenn to attend the expo will be something he will benefit from long term.

“I believe the trip with Glenn to the Australian Health and Fitness Expo could only be described as an amazing inspirational experience, spending the day with some of our country’s greatest advocates of training and nutrition provided a great starting point for a new training and nutrition plan for Glenn moving forward this season.

“This was aided greatly being able to spend the following day with Glenn at his home, setting out his training circuits and eating plans whilst gaining a better understanding of his day to day workloads and how we can better manage his fitness goals moving forward,” said Mion.

With the extra assistance off-track, it will radically help Glenn in the lead up to the second round of the Australian Superbike Championship in Queensland as he faces the enduring challenges of racing against some of the country’s best riders.

“Leading in to round two I will be working hard on a detailed training program planned by Steve from Fitmoto, the program covers everything from my diet, fitness training and recovery periods.

“I am extremely lucky to have the help from someone like Steve who has a wealth of knowledge to help me become the best athlete I can be, I am incredibly motivated and determined to become a serious contender in this year’s Australian Superbike Championship,” Scott concluded.

Check out the Fitmoto workout video with Glenn Scott Here.

Round 3 of the 2013 Australian Superbike Championship takes place at Queensland Raceway, Ipswich, Queensland from 14-16 June.

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