Queensland Raceway Race Report: 13th-15th September 2012

The Insure My Ride sponsored team Glenn Scott Racing/YRD take 3rd at the last round of the 2012 Australian Superbike Championship and a very close 4th overall position for the Australian Supersport Championship.

Firstly, a huge thanks to a few people that made this amazing season possible; Sam Costanzo of Landbridge Transport and Stewart Winton from SW Racing for their countless hours of hard work. Ali for being a great mechanic. Luke Smith and all staff at Insure My Ride and Yamaha / YRD, both for their incredible support all season.

From the first practice session through to the end of qualifying, the team worked extremely hard to rectify set up problems. After 2 days of hard work we were still 1.2 seconds off the pace by the end of the 2nd qualifying session putting us 6th on the grid for Sundays racing.

With the championship at stake for the top 4 riders the nerves were running wild on the start line, off to a good start I sat in behind the first row of riders into the first turn. Once I found my confidence and into 4th position I pushed to catch the leading group. 3 laps until the end both factory riders in 2nd and 3rd blew their engine. A very rare sight in super sport racing and an unfortunate way to see a rider retire from a race. Suddenly I was in a battle for 3rd position with rider Brendan Clark which came down to a drag to the line where he just pipped me on the line.

Coming up to the last race for the 2012 season, rider Mitchell Carr was 24.5 points in front, he just needed to finish to claim the championship, with Josh Hook, Brodie Waters and myself battling for the remanding two spots on the podium for the 2012 championship.

Off to a great start, the bike felt great, having changed a spring to help with the set up, my lap times began to drop. Caught in a battle for 4th in the early stages of the race, I moved myself to 3rd and less than a second away from the top 2 riders.

I closed the gap on Brodie in 2nd and entered a fierce battle all the way to the finish line. Passing each other several times, both fighting hard for a spot on the podium. Entering the last turn I was in the lead but ran it slightly wide mid turn, Brodie taking the inside, I crossed over the line and put myself back up, side by side down the straight. Beat by the blink of an eye and took 3rd in the last race of the season.

A hard fought battle by all riders for the podium all year. I was extremely happy to take 3rd overall for the weekend.

As a privateer, I am proud to take 4th in the Australian Championship and over the moon that I stuck with the factory boys and was a contender for the title.

Taking a win, 2 pole positions and several podiums it was a great year for my family, team and sponsors.

A special thanks to everyone that has contributed in some way to my team over the year to help us be there every race and fight.

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