Phillip Island Race Report: 17th-19th August 2012

Difficult weekend for the Insure My Ride sponsored rider Glenn Scott.

4th overall for Glenn Scott Racing/YRD was a solid effort after the bad luck suffered throughout the weekend at Phillip Island.

A huge crash in turn 8 Friday morning was the first set back for me and the team. The crazy weather conditions caught out not only me, but 6 other riders in my class on Friday. Only putting in a few fast laps, very little data was taken from the practice session. After making a servere mess of the bike the team worked relentlessly for the rest of the day and night to get the bike ready for Saturdays two qualifying sessions.

The team managed to get my Yamaha R6 up and running in time for Qualifying one. With the super cold and windy conditions continuing on from Friday it was going to be a difficult session. The first few laps were used to make sure the bike was working smoothly and to gain some confidence back. I planned to push for a fast lap time in the middle of the session.

Phillip Island Raceway

Down the main straight on our first flying lap the fuel pump failed forcing us to retire from the first qualifying session. Not being able to put in a fast lap we were sitting in 7thposition. After replacing the fuel pump we had high hopes for qualifying two to improve our position. Unfortunately, the rain set in minutes before our session, knowing we wouldn’t be able to improve our start position we used the session, to improve the bike set up in case Sunday’s races bought similar weather. It turned out being a positive session, gaining confidence in the bike and topping the time sheets by 1.5 seconds.

Race day did not bring rain but it did bring the cold, strong winds. After only completing 12 dry laps over the last two days it was going to be a tough day around the circuit as we lacked a lot data. After a debrief Saturday night we thought we had a good direction with set up for both races. A good start put me in 4th position for the first few laps but lacking front end confidence on the entry to turns, I ended up in a fierce battle with Levi Day and Brendan Clark for 4th. Planning my moves for the last lap I was able to pass and hold them both out till the finish line. Extremely happy to finish and score points in race one.

Phillip Island Raceway

The team put their heads together to find a solution for the bike problems. A podium was needed in the next race to stay alive in the championship. Another great start on the Insure My Ride R6 put me in a good position into turn one. Although I had a little more confidence in the bike and a slightly faster lap time - it still wasn’t quite enough to cut the cheese. After a few laps in I lost touch with the lead bunch and it ended in a battle with Chris Quinn for 4th position.

4th is not where I wanted to be at the end of the weekend but it was a solid effort by all involved to over come the set backs that were thrown at us over the weekend. Massive thanks must go to my crew for working countless hours to get the bike up and going and ready for Sundays races. Thank you to my sponsors and supporters.

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