Winton Race Report 5th-6th June 2010

Round 2 of the Formula Xtreme Championship was last weekend, from Friday the 4th to Sunday the 6th of June at Winton Raceway in Victoria.

Friday the 4th was a practice day at Winton, Glenn used this time to learn the circuit and become familiar with his bike again. Very cold temperatures made riding conditions difficult. A few weeks prior to the race, Glenn had a practice day in similar cold track temperatures where Glenn encountered a major problem with the rear tyre tearing up in just a few laps.

After practice Glenn and the Motohansa Team were confident with the bike settings they had worked on. With some final settings being made on Friday’s practice, this gave Glenn the confidence to ride to his potential.

The racing on Saturday and Sunday are run under two different championships. Saturday is the Formula Xtreme Nationals and Sunday is the Formula Xtreme Championship. Each day has one qualifying session with three races, however they are scored separately.

Sunday is the premier championship allowing Saturday to be a little more relaxed and provides more time for teams to improve their bikes throughout each of the races so they can be 100% for Sunday.

Saturday 5 June 2010 - Formula Xtreme Nationals

Saturday morning started with a 20 minute qualifying session. Glenn felt good with the bike and went out to complete his first few laps with his fastest lap time being a 1.28.2. This time put Glenn 5th on the grid for race one. Kevin Curtain was on pole with a time of 1.26.1.

In the first race Glenn lost a few positions off the start but managed to tag on to a small group of fast riders and improve his time by a full second. He finished in 7th in the 9-lap race.

Glenn was ready to improve his position for the second race but after finishing in 7th in race one, he would then start 7th on the grid.

Again, Glenn’s start was nothing more than average, however, Glenn still found himself passing a few riders and slot back into 7th position with 6th place firmly in his sights.

Glenn then made up a gap of .5 of a second, this placed Glenn behind teammate Jeremy Crowe.

5 laps in Glenn had matched his quickest lap time of 1.27.2, unfortunately, Glenn’s race then ended with a big high side out of turn 2.

Glenn said “I was disappointed because I was going so well but I have learnt a lot from the crash and I’m not too worried because tomorrow [Sunday] is the main race day”

The team was unable to fix Glenn’s bike for the last race.

Sunday 6 June 2010 - Formula Xtreme Championship

Sunday Qualifying did not go as planned, Glenn’s session ending after 4 laps with bike problems due to some damage from yesterday’s crash. Glenn would start his first race from 10th position with a time of 1.28.4. Kevin Curtain was on pole with a fast time of 1.25.1.

Glenn went out in race one, hoping that the front-end problem was fixed, he quickly found out in the first turn that it wasn’t! With a bad start and finding it hard to pass other riders, Glenn rode smart while still making up a position and finishing in 9th place.

Glenn was eager for a solid result after the mechanics where confident they had fixed the front-end problem. Glenn was still struggling with his starts, he entered the first turn in 3rd last position. Glenn then started passing many riders, using a few “hoover maneuvers” to bring his position back to a well-deserved 7th place. Glenn was making consistent 1.27’s and improving his time to a 1.27.0. Glenn was very happy with the improvements on the bike and the way he rode.

The last race of the day was held late in the afternoon, which meant track temperature had dropped by around 5 degrees from the previous race.

Glenn held his 7th position into the first turn. Glenn continued to ride smart but also aggressively throughout the race trying hard to pass factory Yamaha rider Patrick Medcalf to his take 6th position, Glenn rode amazingly, but just missed out on 6th by one bike length.

Glenn said, “I am happy with racing this weekend, I have learnt a lot with my crash, bad starts and following the top six riders. I still have a lot to learn about the BMW 1000 and riding 4 strokes. It’s still only second race so I have high hopes to improve my race positions at round 3”

Round 3 of the Formula Xtreme Championship will be held at Eastern Creek from the 2nd to the 4th of July 2010.

Glenn would also like to send a big thank you his sponsors, Fuglies Eyewear, InsureMyRide, Karisma and collide-a-scope.

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