Eastern Creek Race Report: 30th-31th October 2010

Fuglies Eyewear, Insure My Ride Team Rider Glenn Scott attended the last round of the Formula Xtreme Championship held at Eastern Creek Raceway this weekend, the 30th to 31st of October 2010.

After round 4 at Wakefield Raceway where Glenn finished 5th overall, he had clear goals and was determined to improve on that result.

Friday was a key day for Glenn and his team to find the correct set up for the zx600.

Turning over close to 50 practice laps Glenn was satisfied that they had made good progress with the handling of the bike and his familiarity with the circuit. Glenn set a personal best lap time of a 1.38.2. This was a very positive start to the weekend.

Saturday 30 October 2010 – Glenn takes 3rd at the Formula Xtreme National
Eastern Creek

During the mornings qualifying, Glenn was feeling confident with the bike and punched out 7 fast and consistent laps. This dropped his lap time to an amazing 1.36.9 which put him 3rd on the grid.

This was a huge improvement from the previous days practice.

Glenn said “I just felt so comfortable on the bike and everything was working well on the Fuglies Eyewear, Insure My Ride zx600”.

The nerves were flying for Glenn at the start line of his first race. With not enough practice with starts on this bike, Glenn was 5th in to the first turn. Struggling to pass some riders Glenn lost contact with the front 3 riders. However, Glenn did manage to pass a rider into turn one Glenn rode on to finish 4th in his first race.

Starting from 4th on the grid for race 2, Glenn got off to a flying start on the zx600 and was second into the first turn behind factory Yamaha rider Kevin Curtain. Struggling to hold on to Kevin, his Yamaha team mate Rick Olson passed Glenn into turn one, but Glenn managed to hold his position and take home his first podium of the year in the Superstock 600 class. With the little riding time Glenn has had on the new zx600 he was extremely happy with his result.

Glenn’s goal for the next race was to repeat his 3rd place result, which Glenn and his team achieved.

“It was a great day” Glenn said, “racing was hard towards the end of the 2nd and 3rd race as the heat in the tyres and the circuit was making the bike moving around on the track but I kept it upright and finishing 3rd to Factory Yamaha is not a bad result”, “I know this is only my second race on the bike and to be were I am on the track is great, I feel confident with the bike and can only improve from here”.

Sunday 31 October 2010 – Formula Xtreme Championship

Sundays morning track temp was a little cooler then the previous day. The qualifying session was only 15 minutes and the pressure was on for Glenn to produce that one quick lap to put him as close to number 1 as possible.

Glenn was not able to match his qualifying time from the Saturday but was still able to produce a lap time to place him 4th on the front row with a 1.37.2. The race pace was upped by the Yamaha Team with Rick Olson taking pole position, stepping his times into the high 1.35s.

In race one, Glenn got off to a great start overtaking Michael Jones who was 3rd on the grid.

Glenn then came out of turn one in 2nd place to Kevin Curtain again. For the first few laps it was a fierce battle between the top 4 riders. Once Kevin and Rick were in front they pulled a small gap with the battle coming down to Glenn and Michael. Finding it hard to get the bike to drive off the turns, Glenn lost a small gap to 3rd and finished in 4th with a huge 7 seconds back to the 5th position holder. Unbelievably, Glenn dropped his time by over a second to a 1.36.4.

Glenn’s Team made a risky decision to make a change to the set up of the bike to help it drive better and to hopefully help Glenn keep in line with the top riders.

In race 3 Glenn got off to another blinding start but was quick to find out that he and the team had gone the wrong way with the set up of the rear suspension. Glenn could not do much but ride the bike to best of his ability. He still managed to bring the bike home in 4th place.

Eastern Creek

Now knowing where they had gone wrong, the Team made the correct changes to the set up , Glenn and the zx600 were off to once again a beautiful start holding second place for the first lap, however he was shortly passed by another rider and the top 4 were closer then they have been all weekend.

The bike felt better but was still having problems with the rear tyre slipping and sliding. With only a few laps to the end Glenn was passed and bumped back to 4th. Trying his hardest to hold on to the back of the 3 Yamaha riders Glenn was unsuccessful to pass for a podium finish.

“Even though I didn’t finish on the podium today I am still so happy with the weekend. I went a second faster then yesterday, so it shows that the top 4 were really on the go today. A big thanks to my team Warwick Nowland, the two Andrews, for working hard and making the bike run well all weekend.

Also and as always, a huge thanks to my partners Fuglies Eyewear, Insure My Ride, Karisma Joinery, Shogai Imports, Rampant Clothing and Knight Designs for the support and dedication not only this weekend but all for all of 2010.

This weekend is the first stepping stone to working towards an exciting and successful 2011”.

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