Valencia Testing Report: 1st July 2009

Glenn Scott, the Aussie champion experienced an unforgettably, testing trial at the Valencia Circuit. The temperature was 35 degrees by 10am and topped 42 degrees during the day. The heat on the circuit soared to 56 degrees.

The purpose of Day 1 was to gain a better understanding of the bike and circuit. It had been 3 weeks since Glenn last rode in Jerez. The day started smoothly but Glenn found it tough to record fast lap times. The intense heat made it difficult for all riders yet Glenn was feeling confident on the technical Valencia circuit.

There was a major change to Glenn’s Honda Stop and Go Castrol team this weekend: a new mechanic, Marc. He worked tirelessly all weekend in the extreme heat. Glenn’s fastest time on Day 1 was 1.45.8. He was disappointed with this time on the circuit but knew the problem was associated with his lines on the track.

Date: Thursday 2nd July 2009

Valencia July 2009

Day 2 started a little cooler but it turned out to be another scorcher. Glenn commenced the day strongly. He recorded a time early in the day that beat his best lap time from the previous day. The purpose of Day 2 was to hone the settings on the bike for the 3rd round of the Spanish Championship next week. After trialling a few riders, Glenn was able to record a time of 1.45.3. Unfortunately for Glenn his week turned sour when he high sided on turn two. This crash was massive for Glenn.

Valencia July 2009

Glenn was hospitalised as a result of the crash, ending any opportunity for Glenn to continue to practise over the weekend. Glenn’s injuries included a bruised and swollen knee and also a 5 centimetres (2 inches) fracture in his left wrist.

This set back will not stop this young champion competing next weekend. As a winner, Glenn’s plaster was fitted on Thursday and removed for physio on Friday. Glenn is receiving physiotherapy at Manresa's top clinic.

Valencia July 2009

Even with a feeling of disappointment associated with the crash, Glenn was enormously proud of his Honda Stop and Go Castrol team for working throughout the intense heat to enable him to be competitive.

By Steven Bennett

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