Valencia Circuit Race Report: 10th-12th July 2009

Racing in the round 3 Spanish Championship at the Valencia Circuit was going to be tough for Glenn Scott after his recent fall breaking his wrist, injuring his knee and the fact he had a high fever. Glenn was not going to be perturbed and despite the constant throbbing of pain he was determined to race this weekend.

Date: Friday 10th July 2009 – Practice Day

The practice session was supposed to determine if Glenn would be well enough to compete on Sunday. However, if anyone knows Glenn Scott and his character there was never a chance he would not be racing in the round 3 championship. This determination is in his blood. He has the ability for rising above adversity and achieving success. Glenn’s fastest time on the practice day was 1.46.5.

Date: Saturday 11th July 2009 – Qualifying Day

Valencia July 2009

During the first session, Glenn showed much grit and determination. An improvement in Glenn’s time was evident. Changes were made to the bike to make it a little easier for Glenn to ride. He was able to achieve a time of 1.45.8. This time placed him 23rd on the grid out of 42 riders.

The second session saw Glenn complete only 8 laps. The track temperature was 50 degrees. Glenn and his Honda Stop and Go Castrol team felt it would be more beneficial for Glenn and the team if Glenn saved his energy and nursed his injuries until tomorrow’s big race.

Date: Sunday 12th July 2009 – Championship Race Day

Glenn’s goal for Sunday’s race was to gain some variable championship points. To do this, Glenn would need to finish as one of the top 15 riders.

The start was difficult for Glenn as he did not have much strength in his wrist to feed the clutch slowly to keep power in the bike. In the first corner Glenn took a good line and gained some positions. Braking proved to be a difficult obstacle with Glenn’s injuries. Glenn rode hard to place himself in 12th position by the end of the first lap. He was unable to sustain this momentum and within a few laps Glenn was in 18th position riding with a pack of 8 riders. This group of 8 riders continued to fight for the 18 laps.

By the middle of the race, Glenn’s body was feeling even more fragile. True to Glenn’s determination he battled on making up on several positions with great passes. These passes did not always stick as Glenn ran wide many times in the race because he could not brake as hard as the other riders. Glenn realised the importance of good exits which made him have memorable moments with the back wheel stepping out trying to high side.

On the final lap, through the chicane, it was Glenn’s last chance to pass the rider in front of him. He broke very late, feeling much pain, going on the inside of the rider on the exit very close to him. Glenn hit the ripple strip causing his bike to high side and hit the grassy area, with power still on the bike, Glenn was able to straighten up but he was unable to pass the rider.

Glenn completed the race with a best lap time of 1.45.1. Glenn worked hard to finish in 16th position. Glenn was obviously disappointed finishing outside the competition points. He felt his Honda Stop and Go Castrol team worked extremely hard on the bike to enable him to race so smoothly.

The fact, Glenn raced is a miracle in itself! Although Glenn was disappointed in his overall place, anyone who witnessed Glenn’s determination would be in awe of this youngster from Down Under who rode with much pain and courage.

By Steven Bennett

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