Training/Holiday Format: 18 August 2009

After Glenn’s last race, he spent 2 weeks in Spain recovering with an intensive physiotherapy programme in an attempt to repair his battered and bruised body from recent crashes.

The 2 weeks following Glenn travelled to an island off the coast of Spain called Mallorca to attend the Motociclisme EBE Training School. During this time, Glenn endured 14 days of hard training. This included fitness sessions each day for 2 hours. These varied from the pool, gym, cycling, running, ball games, mountain bike riding and archery to practice hand and eye co-ordination. Afterwards, Glenn would spend time with a sociologist to talk about mental tactics and techniques to use when riding. These included concentration, auto speech, imagery, motivation and reaction timing.

Glenn also ventured to different parts of Mallorca for technical training on motor bikes. The bikes varied from a 125 trail bike and 100cc Honda for the dirt and road. Trail riding involved working the brake, throttle, clutch and balance at the same time. Glenn rode in the mountains of Mallorca with huge hills and tight technical trails. On the tar, he rode on a large Go kart circuit, drifting, following a figure of 8 and a figure of a triangle. This helped Glenn practice different techniques for riding in the 125 GP.

Each exercise was timed to keep a competitive edge. All of these different types of riding worked on concentration, body position, brake, throttle and clutch control. It assisted with looking for lines, balance and problem solving.

Glenn is in Australia for 3 weeks to visit family and friends. He will also continue his training in preparation for his next test days on 14th & 15th September at Albacete, Spain.

By Steven Bennett

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