Race Report: 9th-11th October 2009

Round 5: CEV 125GP Spanish Championship

Track: Catalunya Circuit

Date: Friday 9th October 2009 – Practice Day

The 5km Catalunya circuit is one of Glenn’s favourite tracks. He was excited about the prospect of competing after a successful testing schedule at this circuit last week. The first practise session did not go as planned. Three laps into the session Glenn was taken out from behind by another rider crashing into him. With this sudden impact it was impossible for Glenn to take part in any further practise this session as the bike was in pieces after the crash. Glenn attempted to return to the track for the second session but a few laps into the session Glenn realised the bike was faulty. Much of the session was spent in the box rectifying the problems.

Date: Saturday 10th October 2009 – Qualifying Day

Glenn was positive about the Qualifying Day. After the first qualifying session, Glenn said he was “able to push the bike and the mechanics had done a great job repairing the bike.” This gave Glenn much confidence. Glenn slotted in 9th position with a time of 1.55.0.

Glenn’s goals were to lower his time in the second session and start from the second row. However, the rear wheel had picked up a piece of metal causing a flat tyre. Much needed time was lost returning to the box to have the tyre changed. With eight minutes remaining Glenn returned to the track. Glenn was only able to reach a time of 1.55.2. This was a loss of 3 positions. Glenn would start from 11th for Sunday’s big race. Even with the accident Glenn remained positive to be starting from the 3rd row. This was his best qualifying position in the CEV. Pole position was held by Alberto Moncayo with a time of 1.53.0.

Date: Sunday 11th October 2009 – Championship Race Day

Race day started with a warm up at 10am. With only a very short time, Glenn checked the circuit and made sure the bike was in working order for the race at 2pm. Nerves and excitement were flowing though Glenn’s veins. He was highly focused on having a positive race. Glenn was off to a blinding start making up two positions by the first turn. For the next few laps Glenn was battling for 9th position and slowly getting closer to the front pack. With 7 laps remaining the battle for 9th place went from 2 riders to 3. The next lap Glenn found himself on the inside braking into corner 5, 3 abreast. Glenn shot up the inside of both riders; however this went paired shaped quickly when the rider beside him closed Glenn’s line. Coming so close, Glenn’s front brake hit the body of the rider locking the front wheel causing them both to crash. Glenn ran fast to his bike to find it was still rideable even though the left handle bar was bent. He pulled the bike from the gravel patch and limped the bike home for the next 7 laps to finish 20th.

Glenn was disappointed with the weekend; nevertheless, with the next round in Jerez on 15th November, Glenn has time for his injuries to heal and the bike to be repaired. Despite much adversely, Glenn did ride well during the weekend.

By Steven Bennett

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