Race Report: 5th-7th June 2009

Glenn Scott

Round 2: CEV 125GP Spanish Championship

Track: Jerez Circuit

Last weekend 17 year old Glenn Scott from Australia was fired up and ready to fly on his 125cc Honda. Six weeks have passed since the 1st round of the CEV 125GP Spanish Championship. Glenn's appetite for success in Round 2 was noticeable. His hunger for victory was visible. His thirst for triumph was obvious. The Honda Stop and Go Castrol team were geared for a big weekend.

Date: Friday 5th June 2009 - Practice Day

Unfortunately, both practice sessions were marred by mechanical problems. Glenn was frustrated but confident his Honda Stop and Go Castrol team could rectify the front end suspension problems. These problems obviously hindered Glenn's performance on the Honda. He was unable to fly as he had desired from the outset. Finally, the suspension problems forced Glenn to crash on turn 10 towards the end of the second session. Glenn was hugely disappointed with the outcome of the day. His fastest lap was 1.53.1. This was two seconds slower than he had completed in testing only one week beforehand.

Date: Saturday 6th June 2009 - Qualifying Day

The Honda Stop and Go Castrol team worked hard overnight to prepare the 125cc for the qualifying sessions. Glenn was thrilled with his mechanical team. They had succeeded to remedy the front end suspension problems. Glenn now completed lap times of 1.51.8. This placed the lad from Downunder 13th on the grid. The first session was cut short due to rain.

Gusts of wind began to blow. Combine the wind with the rain; it was difficult to improve times for the 2nd qualifying session. Glenn was happy with his 1.52.0. He now knew his fate for race day, 14th on the grid. This would place Glenn on the 4th row for Sunday's Championship race. Glenn remained positive about his position for the start of Round 2 CEV 125GP Spanish Championship.

Date: Sunday 7th June 2009 - Championship Race Day

The championship race commenced at precisely 11.45a.m. This was just before the mercury began to rise and issues with the heat would prevail. Glenn was off to a superb start. By the first corner Glenn had made his way amongst the top 10 riders. The race consisted of several battles between the riders. This made it difficult to achieve quick lap times. The leading riders pulled away from the pack. Glenn was left to fight for 8th position. Glenn ended the race with a well respected 8th.

Once again Glenn showed his admiration for his Honda Stop and Go Castrol team. They worked hard to fix the problems associated with the bike. Whilst slightly disappointed with the 8th finish Glenn knows he managed to produce consistent 1.51.5 lap times. This young lad, with the right attitude is obviously on his way up!

Glenn now finds himself sixth on the overall 125GP Spanish Championship.

By Steven Bennett

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