Jerez Testing Report: 26th-27th May 2009

With the heat worse than in Catalunya, Glenn will have to keep focused, cool & calm. But keeping focused was not a problem for the first day completing many laps. This experience was extremely valuable as the team found a good setting to ride on. This gave Glenn confidence to ride the circuit in the hot windy conditions that Jerez provided. Completing a 1.51.5 was a massive confidence booster for Glenn as it was his fastest in the 'Honda Stop & Go Castrol' uniform by point 5 of a second. After this lightning quick time, Glenn went on to say, "Today went well and I'm very pleased with the work of my team and myself. We have put a very fast time on the board and I have managed to do it quite consistently which is very important in a race. The biggest problem was the wind making the bike move around like a bucking horse and hard to hold my line in the corners. Along with the circuit temperature at 56 degrees, making grip near impossible to find." On the second day of proceedings, the heat dropped off a little but the wind increased significantly. Unfortunately, Glenn could not better his time from the previous day but still cracking the 51's gave Glenn and his team confidence for the upcoming race in a week's time. After the two day event this is what Glenn had to say, "The wind didn't help! Although, my team and I are confident we have now found good settings for both windy and fine conditions. We appreciated some solid track time and I'm feeling very comfortable with the bike". Next week should be a high-quality race. Glenn added, "I would just like to thank my team for their diligence this week".

By Christian Whitfield
Central Coast Grammar School
New South Wales

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